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Webcam Studios – How To Start Your Own Webcam Business

Make Money Hiring Webcam Models

Webcam modelling has become a huge industry in the UK and USA over the last few years and it’s growing more than ever before. Webcam studios can earn thousands of pounds per month through hiring webcam girls and guys who perform for wealthy customers from around the world live on webcam.

As a webcam studio operator, you take a percentage of your models earnings. Your models can earn through providing webcams, earnings tips, selling videos and they can also earn through their own personal premium telephone line which is forwarded to their chosen telephone number.

Take Full Control Over Your Webcam Studio

webcam studio business control dashboardAs the studio owner of your webcam studio business, you have full access to all of your webcam models profiles, earnings and recorded webcam shows. You can make changes to your models profiles and you can also restrict access to certain features with ease through the webcam studio administration area.

Alongside this we also provide you with a software which allows you to monitor all of your live webcam models in realtime. You also have the ability to remove, kick and ban annoying customers from your models webcam shows.

Custom Designed Webcam Studio Sites

All of our webcam studio websites are completely custom built therefore if you have a specific design for your webcam studio in mind or if you wish to add a certain feature, we can help. Once you have purchased your webcam studio package, you will need to complete a questionnaire specifying your webcam studio design requirements.

Once our development team have your requirements and ideas, they will follow it up with a call either by phone or Skype. We will then provide you with x3 mock ups for you to choose from. At this point we can also make any changes to the chosen design for you. Setup of your webcam studio will vary depending on the complexity of the design and features.

Typically it takes around 15 – 25 days to develop and launch a webcam studio from the point of purchase.

Multiple Revenue Streams

webcam studio admin dashboardMaking money through your webcam studio is simple. You add your webcam model to your webcam studio through the studio admin area. Once the model has been added to the system, you will be provided with a username and password for the model.

You can then provide your model with the login information generated and they can then log into the studio dashboard. The studio dashboard allows your webcam models to upload content, setup pricing, check earnings as well as amending their profile and working schedule.

Webcam models can earn by providing webcam shows to high paying customers, when models are carrying out webcam shows customers have the option to tip the model. This is another great income source which can really top up your webcam studio earnings.

Alternative to this webcam models can also earn money by answering calls on their own personal premium rate telephone number. In addition to this, all your webcam models shows are automatically recorded then placed on your models profile to be sold.

Customers can then pay to watch these videos providing your webcam studio with another great income stream.

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