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Studio Features

The last few years has seen a boom in webcam modelling due to the flexibility and ease of earning money from the comfort of your own home.

There has never been a better time to start your own webcam modelling business and cash in on this rapidly growing industry. 

If you’re ready to start your own webcam studio business, take a look at our custom designed webcam studio packages.

Our team of developers work closely with you to design your webcam studio website with your specifications and colour theme in mind, enabling  you to promote your studio and hire models with the right web presence.

We offer full support via email, phone and Skype during the build process plus we can travel out to your premises for larger custom projects.


Our Premier and Enterprise studios come with a  fully customised webcam studio website.

This will allow your webcam models to register, apply and login to your webcam studio website, giving you full control and management of the business.


Once you approve your webcam models, they are up and running and will soon be receiving large numbers of visitors to their profile/shows.

This leaves you more time to focus on promoting your webcam studio and increasing your range of models.


Setup your webcam studio today and start recruiting webcam models using our specially developed webcam studio system and website packages.

Generate thousands of pounds per month as a Webcam Studio Operator hiring webcam models!   

Integrated Members Area

Our integrated members’ area will provide your models with complete control over their own profile, leaving you more time to hire new models and market your new webcam business.

You can also easily add new webcam networks to the members’ area along with setting your own percentage ratio through the Webcam Studio Admin to further increase your webcam studio earnings.

Payment Management

Within the Webcam Studio Admin you are able to set pay-out rates for each webcam network you are working with and easily manage payment information directly through the Integrated Members Area.

All payment information for your models is securely stored in a easy to search database within the Webcam Studio Admin, so you can conveniently view your financial information.

Set Webcam Model Rates

You are in complete control of your webcam studio business and therefore you set your own model pay-out rates.

This can be done quickly and easily through the Webcam Studio Admin and you can even set pay-out rates on a sliding scale, meaning your model’s pay-out rate is automatically adjusted when they earn more.

Payments are always made to you the studio owner and after taking your percentage of earnings, you then pay your models.


Studio Earnings

Becoming a webcam studio operator is a very lucrative business – you can make thousands of pounds per month running your own webcam agency from the comfort of your own home.

Hiring webcam models has never been easier, with our expert system and professional support you will be able to manage and pay your models with complete ease.

On top of earning your percentage, you can also charge your models a fee for withdrawing their earnings.

This is normal practice on many webcam networks and webcam models are generally charged between £30.00 – £70.00 per withdrawal depending on which payment method they use.

Support Ticket System

We have integrated a support ticket system into our studio packages  which will allow your models to contact you and keep track of their support requests directly through the member area.

Automatic emails are triggered to show you are responding to the support request, allowing you to keep on top of any issues that arise.

Remember, we also offer ongoing training and support to help you with any problems that you may encounter. 

Send Email Campaigns

You scan’t run a webcam studio without being able to contact and connect with your inactive and active webcam models.

Our webcam studio system allows you to build email campaigns using templates, and from scratch, using both HTML and ‘drag and drop’ build options.

You can also build contact lists to easily separate your inactive pending models from your active money-making models.

Once you have sent out an email campaign you can then check its status through the Webcam Studio Admin which provides detailed information i.e. bounces, opens, clicks etc.

Complete Studio Control

The Webcam Studio Admin gives you complete control over every aspect of your webcam studio website and how it runs.

It allows you to amend user accounts, update content, change images, add new webcam networks, check model payment information, send out email campaigns and much more.

The Webcam Studio Admin is clearly the heart of your webcam studio and we are constantly improving it to give you and your models the best webcam recruitment solution on the market.


Application management

It’s easy to hire webcam models because everyone wants to earn extra money while working from the comfort of their own home. 

From our own personal experience we know managing the application process can be a complete nightmare!

With our webcam studio all the stress of trying to manage and organise webcam model applications will be taken away.

Our system will easily manage the complete application process for you allowing you to simply receive the models’ applications through the Webcam Studio Admin or your email address.

Ready to get started? click here now to purchase one of our webcam studio packages and start hiring your own webcam models today!