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Run Your Own Webcam Business

Ever thought about running your own adult webcam business? Webcam jobs are popping up everywhere these day and that’s no surprise with the booming webcam industry, which is increasingly popular due to the high payout rates.

Webcam models get paid per-minute anywhere from £1.50 – £10.00 providing webcam shows as well as selling videos and images to very wealthy customers from across the world. 

Once you start gaining some good webcam models to your webcam website, which won’t take long, you will certainly start to see a return on your investment.

For Example: 

If you stick to our recommended fees, hiring just (1) webcam model that earns £1,000 in her first week of working on your site.

This will lead to you being paid the full £1,000 she/he has earned directly into your bank account.

You then deduct your 15% plus your withdrawal fee of £24.50 or more if you wish.

This will leave you with £150 + £24.50 withdrawal fee = £174.40 profit. So let’s say you have 10 models working on the same basis which is not hard to achieve at all within this growing industry.

So £174.40 x 10 models = £1744 profit for 1 weeks work! (No bad, right!?) Now imagine if you had 100 models working for your webcam website and only 50 webcam models achieved that figure! can you see money signs yet?

When you setup your own webcam business, you’ll be a paid all earnings made by your models. You’ll then be responsible for paying your webcam models after taking your share/cut from the webcam models earnings (we normally recommend taking around 10% – 15% initially). 

We also recommend deducting a withdrawal fee of around £24.50 – £50.00 per withdrawal they make from your site. As you can see webcam modelling can be very lucrative for both you and the webcam girl or boy (if you choose to hire male webcam models).

Webcam modelling is a huge industry and it’s not going to stop growing anytime soon as you’ll see from this recent article provided by the Mirror which explores male webcam strippers who are earning thousands of pounds working from home online.

If you want to start your own webcam website business and start hiring webcam girls and webcam boys click here to get started and setup your webcam website with us today.Get In Touch!

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