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Studio FAQs

Webcam Studio Setup is here to make your life easier by helping you get your new webcam business setup and running without any hassle.

If you are thinking about setting up a webcam studio then it’s worth reading through our webcam studio FAQs to give you a better understanding of what we are offering. However if you wish speak to someone about setting up your webcam business please click here.


How does a webcam studio / agency work?

  • It’s simple really, you hire webcam models and upload their details and photo I.D. to your studio account, your model can then login and start broadcasting when they wish.
  • You set the amount you wish to pay your models through the webcam studio control panel.
  • You then get paid all model earnings directly to your bank account or by cheque and you decide how much to pass onto your models.
  • You can also generate additional income streams on top of your initial percentage by charging your models when withdrawing earnings from their account.

Will i have full ownership of my website and studio?

Yes, you have full ownership of all aspects of your business including your studio website and your models, you are also free to resell your business at any time without any restrictions or fees. Our packages are a complete one off cost and therefore once it’s purchased, you own it!

When you purchase a webcam studio through us, you will be provided with a certificate of ownership to prove that you are the full owner of the business.

Will I be managing my webcam models directly?

You have complete management of your own webcam models 24/7 and you can add, remove and amend them as and when you want. Once a webcam model is added to your studio they then belong to your studio by contractual agreement.

Not only that but you will be provided with webcam monitoring software which will allow you to monitor your webcam models’ webcams in real-time as well as being able to view your models’ recorded shows and private messages. You can also shut down your models’ webcam shows for breaking rules, along with kicking, banning and punishing customers through the monitoring software.

We provide you with complete management of your models, from hiring, monitoring and payment. Models submit support requests and update payment details through your studio website, so you are truly in control of every aspect of your business.

Broadcasting & Traffic

Will I be able to monitor my models on webcam?

Yes of course, the monitoring software that will be provided to you will allow you to login and monitor your webcam models’ webcams and you can also access your models’ recorded private shows, private messages, customers reviews etc. through the studio control panel.

Do I need to advertise my webcam studio website?

Yes of course, all websites need to be advertised if you wish to increase model numbers and earnings. However by working with us and choosing a webcam focused domain name you can get your business up and running straight away and we can help you to do it.

We also offer additional adult SEO services for your webcam studio website, leaving you with more time to support your models and maximise your studio earnings.

Will I need to advertise my models profiles / shows?

Not at all, once your webcam models are added to your studio they are automatically submitted to 1,000s of adult entertainment websites, giving your models a constant stream of customers viewing their shows.

This gives you more time to focus on building your business and profits while your models make you a regular income!

Payments & Earnings

How much can I earn hiring webcam models?

It all depends on how much time you put into your new webcam business, webcam studios are always increasing their profits because of the constant stream of webcam models who apply.

Our typical webcam studio makes around £2,000+ per month and that’s profit, not turnover! Most webcam studios will charge a withdrawal fee of up to £50.00 per-withdrawal (every 14 days) but on average they charge around £35.00 (bank transfers).

Therefore if you hired and paid 30 models, you could generate £2,100 per-month alone in just withdrawal fees and that’s without your percentage you make from all of your model’s earnings.

How do I make money from hiring webcam models?

Every time your webcam models earn money through providing webcam shows, SMS, phone chats and through customers watching their recorded shows, you get paid and the earnings are transferred directly to you.

Initially when you add your webcam model to your webcam studio, you are required to enter a percentage of what you will offer your model from everything they earn, this percentage is entirely up to you.

Who pays my webcam models, you or me?

As you will be the owner of the studio your models are able to submit payment details directly through your studio website and you can then view these inside the administration area.

Choose either our Premier or Enterprise studio package, which includes a fully integrated and customised ‘Model Area’ allowing your models to register, login and apply directly through your studio website.

You can access all of your models earning stats from the studio control panel and you can also input payments you have made to your models through the control panel, the payments are then displayed to your models on their payment page within your studio website.

We recommend that you pay your models every 14 days because this is when your studio will receive payment for all earnings made in the past 14 days. We also recommend that you charge your models a withdrawal fee to add an extra income stream to your business and this is typically set at around £35.00 – £50.00 per withdrawal, depending on what methods you are willing to offer.