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Integrated Members Area

Our integrated members’ area will provide your models with complete control over their own profile leaving you more time to hire new models and market your new webcam business.

You can also easily add new webcam networks to the members’ area along with setting your own percentage ratio for these webcam networks through the Webcam Studio Admin to further increase your webcam studio earnings.

Our professional team have taken great care developing the various features of our webcam model studio system. For example, if you wish to offer your models Next Day Payments you can optionally allow your models to request Next Day Payments using the “Next Day Payment Form”  – just one of many unique features built  into your webcam studio website.

Your models can take perfect profile and verification photos directly through your website using the “Headshot Capture Tool” page. Your webcam models can also keep up to date with all yours studios latest news by going to the news page. This can easily be edited by your administrators through the backend of the website.

Model applications can be difficult to gain and that’s why we have integrated a “Model Application” feature within our webcam studio system allowing your models to upload there documents for approval directly from your website. These documents are then securely stored within the backend of your studio website.

Our system also features an in-built knowledge base which again can be edited through the backend of the website by your administrators. This has proven to be a very useful tool among our clients because it can save a lot of time explaining things to your models and allows you to provide a detailed guide.

When it comes to payment details it can be a nightmare trying to obtain, store and update all of your models’ details and that’s why we have added a “Payment Update” feature to our system. This allows your models to update their payment details from within the “Model Area”, these details are then securely stored in a searchable database within the backend of your studio website.

Don’t be a slave to emails with our integrated support ticket system which allows your members to submit, track and update support requests directly on the website. You can set priorities as well as support departments all from the backend of your website giving you complete control over your support system.


Model Payout Management

It’s easy to pay a few models when you start your own webcam model business, but what happens when you have 20 models or 100 models or even 1000 models?

How easy is it going to be to manage all of your webcam models payment details? Would your models ever feel confident enough to just email there payment details to you?

To ease this situation, we have integrated a host of payment features to allow you to obtain and store your models’ payment details within the backend of your webcam studio website. Your models will be able to easily submit payment details through the “Payment Update” page, giving you more time to focus on your business.

The standard payment details forms are Bank Transfer, Cheque and Payoneer however we understand that not all webcam studios wish to offer the same payment methods and therefore we are happy to integrate a further 3 payment methods alongside these.


Webcam Studio Earnings

With all of our webcam studio packages you will have full access to a complete overview of all of your models’ earnings, private messages and statistics. This will allow you to monitor and coach your models giving you complete control over your business.

You will be provided with a full breakdown of earnings for each of your models including details of private webcam shows they have completed and how much they earned. You can also watch back your models’ private webcam shows which are all automatically recorded and can be rented to customers to boost earnings for the model and for you.

When creating your own webcam studio, a big issue can be finding a way to keep your webcam model up to date with their earnings. To combat this we have integrated a feature into our webcam studio system which will allow you to post payments that you have made to each model’s profile. These payments are then available to see on the “My Payments” page of the “Model Area”, saving you lots of time answering payment queries and giving you more time to promote your webcam studio business.


Support Ticket System

Whatever the issue or question your models may have, they can submit a support request through the support ticket system. They can also select a ticket priority as well as selecting the department they want the ticket to go to.

Departments and ticket priorities can be quickly created/amended from within the Webcam Studio Admin. This will help you manage, process and track your support requests allowing you to provide quality customer service to your webcam models.


Email Campaign System

Marketing your business has never been easier with our integrated Email Campaign System which allows you to create stunning marketing emails to connect with your models.

You can also separate your subscribers into various lists allowing you to easily manage both your pending and approved webcam models without conflict. Easily drag and drop content to create emails your models will want to read and interact with.

The email campaign feature built into our system is extremely easy to use and comes with thousands of email templates, however we can create a custom email template specifically for your webcam studio for an additional fee.

Our email campaign system will also track your sent emails allowing you to view detailed information, for example you will be able to view the number of times your email has been opened by your subscribers as well as how many times the links within your emails have been clicked.


Set Webcam Model Rates

With our webcam studio packages you can setup your own webcam studio and set your own payout rates directly through the backend.

You can also earn an additional income by charging your models to withdraw earnings which is a common practice on webcam network plus you can set your own rates. We recommend that you charge between £24.50 – £70.00 per withdrawal depending on the payout method your model uses however this is entirely up to you.


Webcam Studio Automation

Hiring webcam models has never been easier and due to the economic downturn this industry is completely recession proof and rapidly growing. With our expertly designed webcam agency system you will be able to hire, manage and pay your webcam models with complete ease.

Becoming a webcam studio operator and running your own webcam agency is a highly lucrative business and you can make thousands of pounds per month working from the comfort of your own home.

We have designed our system so it makes hiring and managing your webcam models a complete breeze leaving you with more time to focus on marketing your new webcam agency.


Complete Webcam Studio Control

The Webcam Studio Admin gives you complete control over every aspect of your webcam studio website and how it operates.

Our system allows you to add/amend user accounts, add/update content, add / update images, post payments to user profiles, send email campaigns (by user group), manage website SEO, manage website security and much more.

We have designed our Webcam Studio Admin to be user-friendly and super easy to use so you don’t need to be a technical expert to run your own webcam model business. You just require some basic computer knowledge and we’ll provide all of the additional training you require to operate your new webcam business.

The Webcam Studio Admin will be the main hub of your webcam agency and we are constantly improving it to give you and your models the best webcam model recruitment and management solution on the market.